Thanks for the support in 2016

Most people will say that 2016 was a terrible year and can’t wait for 2017. I agree that 2016 was not perfect for many people but it was a great year for linux-toys. I made this blog with the goal to influence people and drive that creative spark that we all have inside. In this blog post I will go over the website statistics and discuss a few of the blog entries that I thought were most influential for the year.

When I first started this blog, I did not create many posts throughout the first couple of years. In 2016, I began blogging more and focusing on simple things that I discovered in the wonderful world of Linux and random updates of my CloudExplorer project. This year, I was able to reach over 63,000  users and had over 86,000 page views.  I know that number is not big compared to larger blogs but I am still proud considering where I started with this blog. Now let’s look at the posts that made those numbers.

Goodbye Docker on CentOS. Hello Ubuntu! 

This post was about my journey using Docker on CentOS and how performance was terrible. I made the switch to Ubuntu and life became much easier for me.  I think this blog post became popular because it spoke directly to the people experiencing the same problems as me and provided light at the end of the tunnel for them.

The Sad State of Docker

This was the biggest blog post of the year for me that went viral on many news mediums such as Hacker News.  I  documented my thoughts on what went wrong with the latest release of Docker at that time. This blog post touched people personally and started many discussions about forking Docker.  If you read the comments on the Hacker News thread, you will see a great amount of passion from the community. This blog was also referenced in many different news sites such as The New Stack.

Using the Scality S3 Server in Homeduction

Scality open-sourced their S3 server that lets users run Amazon S3 compatible object storage.  I documented my journey on how i got it up and running on my Raspberry Pi Cluster. I think that this blog post did well because object storage is still new and it provided instructions on a low-cost way for people to experience it.

My Journey to Improve Disk Performance on the Raspberry Pi

This was my final technical blog for the year.  In this post I went through my journey of trying to increase disk performance with Gluster on my Raspberry Pi cluster. This was a very popular article  because people are facing this type of problem all the time and want to figure out how to improve their setups.  Most of the views came from this awesome site called Hackaday.

Those four blog posts are the ones that stood out to me the most. Please share your favorite blog posts from for the year. I like to thank everyone that visited and helped spread the word of what is happening on here. I think I achieved my goal of trying to influence as many people that I can and cant wait to begin blogging next year!