How to use Cloud Explorer with Minio

I did some updating to Cloud Explorer recently to make it work with Minio. Minio is one of many open source S3 servers available today for people to use on-premises for their personal cloud storage needs. With the added support, Minio users can take advantage of Cloud Explorer’s unique features such as performance testing, note taking, playing music, viewing images, and search.

The reason Cloud Explorer did not work before with Minio was because I needed to add code to disable path-style access in  the S3 API calls. This was pointed out by Atul Jha of the Minio project and he has been a great help. Disabling path-style access means that S3 applications can connect to the IP address of the S3 server rather than relying on DNS to resolve endpoints.


Cloud Explorer

– Minio Server running on localhost and listening on port 9000. Follow the Minio Quickstart guide for assistance


– Checkout this wonderful and comprehensive Minio getting started guide by Alex Ellisuk located here.

Getting Started

Add your Minio account to Cloud Explorer and click save.

Click on the Minio account and then the “Load” button to connect. In the future, clicking on a saved S3 account will automatically load the account and show the buckets.

Create a bucket

Upload a file to a bucket

Click on the Magnifying glass and then click “Refresh Bucket” to view the uploaded file

Links for more information

Minio Client complete guide
A great Minio getting started guide
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