What to do with a Raspberry Pi?

In my previous blog posts, I always talked about my setup but never showed a completed diagram. In the above image, you can see everything that I am running on my 6 node Raspberry Pi cluster. All of the applications above are running in Docker containers  managed by PiCluster except for Gluster.

GlusterFS is a powerful distributed filesystem that allows me to turn each Pi into a large storage pool.  Gluster can also tolerate machine failures. For example, If one  Raspberry Pi died,  my data will still be accessible because it keeps replicas of the data on other nodes. Since I am using GlusterFS, I can migrate the containers  with PiCluster to any Raspberry Pi easily without loosing data.

I wish I was intelligent enough to do robotics with the Raspberry Pi but my skills are more aligned with containers and systems management. The Raspberry Pi’s are very affordable and that means that I can buy a lot and put them to good use. What are you doing with yours? Please let me know on Twitter.