Kubernetes Falls to Far-Left Politics

I personally believe in diversity and think that it is great for society. It is nice to have people from different backgrounds and experiences get together and collaborate to share ideas. My problem with the recent progressive agenda is that white males are always painted as the problem with society. For example, I was browsing my Twitter feed today and noticed this alarming post:

Kris Nova is a famous engineer for the Kubernetes project and in her tweet today, she created a diversity channel for the official Kubernetes Slack channel along with the statement “Note to white dudes: PLEASE JOIN – We need to talk to you more than anyone”.

Perhaps she is pushing a far-left agenda into the Kubernetes project? Is this really needed?  Who is “We” and what is her presumption there?  Why is it necessary to call out “white dudes”?  Are they holding people back from contributing to Kubernetes? Is there any evidence of this? Just because people in a group may have the same skin color does not mean that diversity is not there.

“There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blond men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation,” said Denise Young Smith, Apple’s Diversity Chief. I completely agree with her. Too bad she had to step down shortly after making that statement.

Google even spent $265 million on diversity and it did nothing. According to Paul Bois of the DailyWire, “It turns out that Google’s culture of mass virtue-signaling and diversity campaigns has done absolutely nothing to curb its hiring discrepancies … even after spending a whopping $265 million.” So the question that I have is:  is diversity a real problem in the tech community or a made up one because some people hate seeing many people of the same race and gender?

Since Kubernetes was created by Google, it probably makes sense that they are pushing their far-left agenda into their project based on recent news stories with James Damore and another one on blacklisting conservative employees. But is introducing politics into a thriving open source ecosystem like Kubernetes healthy?

I think not because members of a software community should be focused on creating the best product possible and help their users with problems or questions. Anytime politics is introduced into a conversation,  it will cause a divide and alienate users. Kubernetes is a great product and has a nice community. I hope that it will stay that way and keep politics out of it.

Update: This was flagged on HackerNews right after publishing it there. Hmmmmmm…..