Using Cloud Explorer in a build system for Cloud Explorer

I pondered hard to think how I can make the build process easier for Cloud Explorer by using Cloud Explorer. Currently, I have a bash script that runs and puts files into place locally and compresses the program directory into a zip file. Finally, I have to manually upload Cloud Explorer to the S3 account for sharing. This process involves multiple steps and is tedious to do from different locations. For example, If I want to build a copy at another location, I would have to manually copy the file to my location and then upload with a client. There has to be an easier way.

For a more efficient solution, I added a command line argument for Cloud Explorer that will upload a given file with an object name by my choosing to a specified bucket. After the upload is completed, permissions will be set automatically and configured for sharing.


java -jar CloudExplorer.jar build $BUILD_NAME $ZIP $BUCKET

The above command is contained in a bash script that runs Cloud Explorer to do the upload. The build argument followed by the remaining arguments runs the program in “Build Mode”. The $BUILD_NAME argument specifies the name of the file when stored on S3. The $ZIP argument contains the location of the Cloud Explorer zip file. The $BUCKET argument specifies the bucket to be used on the S3 server. The account used for the upload will be the first account listed in the ~/s3.config file.

When the build system is ran and the arguments are accepted, Cloud Explorer will perform a parallel multi-part upload of the zip file. Upon completion, the zip file will have public access and a signed URL for simplified sharing. The signed URL will be displayed in the terminal and I can copy and paste it to my peers to download.

By adding this support to Cloud Explorer, I can run my build script and then wait a few minutes to share the build with anybody.

Cloud Explorer is located on Git Hub: