Introducing Cloud Explorer 5.6


I am pleased to announce v5.6 of Cloud Explorer.  The biggest new feature for this release allows users to record audio messages that will be saved into their selected bucket.  Cloud Explorer provides a great way to share audio messages because the S3 API allows users to share files via a public URL. Syncing is now more stable intelligent. When syncing to or from a bucket, sync compares the last modified time and if the destination has a newer version, the file will not be copied. The text editor now has a folder list box so users can save notes into a specific folder. This is an excellent way to stay organized and use Cloud Explorer for note taking.

Getting Cloud Explorer

Cloud Explorer is available for download from here.  After downloading, please upgrade to 5.6 if you are running an earlier release.


Upgrading to 5.6

Starting with Cloud Explorer 5.0 or later, you can upgrade by clicking on Help -> Check for updates. After the update is complete, restart Cloud Explorer.


Here is a complete list of changes in v5.6:

Bug Fixes:
1. Syncing GUI and CLI: Prevent duplicated transfers of synced files in folders and items go in the correct folder when syncing to the local machine,

2. Syncing from CLI: Syncing from S3 saves to appropriate directory level.

1. Music Player:  Plays WAV files, stop button renamed to “Stop /Close” for clarity, and no longer case sensitive for MP3 file extensions.

2. Syncing GUI and CLI: Overwrite button removed.

New Features:
1. Audio recorder.
2. Sync GUI and CLI: Timestamps are compared and the outdated files are overwritten.
3. Folder support for saving files in the Text Editor.