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What is new in Cloud Explorer 5.2 ?

What is Cloud Explorer?

Cloud Explorer is a open-source S3 client. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It has a graphical and command line interface for each supported operating system.


  • Search
  • Performance testing
  • Music player
  • Transition buckets to Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon RRS
  • Migrate buckets between S3 accounts
  • Compress files prior to upload
  • Take screen shots to S3
  • Simple text editor
  • IRC client
  • Share buckets with users
  • Access shared buckets
  • View images
  • Sync folders
  • Graph CSV files and save them to a bucket.


What is new in 5.2?

The main new feature in 5.2 is the ability to graph a CSV file from a bucket.

Graph a CSV file.

The text editor  has the ability to substitute and replace text.

There is also a few minor bug fixes. Please see the release notes for more information.


Getting Cloud Explorer

Cloud Explorer is available for download from here.  After downloading, please upgrade to 5.2.


Upgrading to 5.2

Starting with Cloud Explorer 5.0 or later, you can upgrade by clicking on Help -> Check for updates. After the update is complete, restart Cloud Explorer.

Using Cloud Explorer in a build system for Cloud Explorer

I pondered hard to think how I can make the build process easier for Cloud Explorer by using Cloud Explorer. Currently, I have a bash script that runs and puts files into place locally and compresses the program directory into a zip file. Finally, I have to manually upload Cloud Explorer to the S3 account for sharing. This process involves multiple steps and is tedious to do from different locations. For example, If I want to build a copy at another location, I would have to manually copy the file to my location and then upload with a client. There has to be an easier way.

For a more efficient solution, I added a command line argument for Cloud Explorer that will upload a given file with an object name by my choosing to a specified bucket. After the upload is completed, permissions will be set automatically and configured for sharing.


java -jar CloudExplorer.jar build $BUILD_NAME $ZIP $BUCKET

The above command is contained in a bash script that runs Cloud Explorer to do the upload. The build argument followed by the remaining arguments runs the program in “Build Mode”. The $BUILD_NAME argument specifies the name of the file when stored on S3. The $ZIP argument contains the location of the Cloud Explorer zip file. The $BUCKET argument specifies the bucket to be used on the S3 server. The account used for the upload will be the first account listed in the ~/s3.config file.

When the build system is ran and the arguments are accepted, Cloud Explorer will perform a parallel multi-part upload of the zip file. Upon completion, the zip file will have public access and a signed URL for simplified sharing. The signed URL will be displayed in the terminal and I can copy and paste it to my peers to download.

By adding this support to Cloud Explorer, I can run my build script and then wait a few minutes to share the build with anybody.

Cloud Explorer is located on Git Hub: https://github.com/rusher81572/cloudExplorer